injection system

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  • L-Jetronic fuel injection system — An electronically controlled fuel injection system. Fuel is supplied by an intermittent action L Jetronic fuel injection system, which uses engine speed and intake airflow as its main control parameters. Each cylinder has its own solenoid… …   Dictionary of automotive terms

  • continuous injection system — (CIS) A mechanical fuel injection system designed and manufactured by Bosch, used on many German vehicles. In a CIS system, the fuel injectors are always open (i.e., they emit a continuous spray of fuel into the intake ports). The amount of fuel… …   Dictionary of automotive terms

  • steam injection system — Based on the same principle as water injection systems, the steam injection system uses engine exhaust heat and a boiler to pre heat and boil the water before it is injected into the inlet manifold as steam …   Dictionary of automotive terms

  • continuous-flow fuel injection system — The system for measuring fuel and delivering it under low pressure to the outside of the intake valve. This fuel, along with air necessary for combustion, is pulled into the cylinder when the intake valve opens. In spite of its name, it is not… …   Aviation dictionary

  • direct fuel injection system — A type of fuel injection system used in diesel engines in which fuel is injected directly into the cylinders …   Aviation dictionary

  • fuel injection system — noun mechanical system to inject atomized fuel directly into the cylinders of an internal combustion engine; avoids the need for a carburetor • Syn: ↑fuel injection • Hypernyms: ↑mechanical system …   Useful english dictionary

  • air injection system — (AIS) any system that injects air into the exhaust stream to promote more complete oxidation of unburned exhaust gases …   Dictionary of automotive terms

  • injection — See air injection direct injection electronic fuel injection fuel injection engine fuel injection pump fuel injection high speed direct injection indirect injection engine indirect …   Dictionary of automotive terms

  • injection — in|jec|tion S3 [ınˈdʒekʃən] n 1.) [U and C] an act of putting a drug into someone s body using a special needle →↑shot ▪ The nurse gave me a tetanus injection . injection of ▪ an injection of insulin ▪ The children hate having injections. ▪ The… …   Dictionary of contemporary English

  • system pressure regulator — A pressure relief valve located on the fuel distributor. In a continuous injection system, it holds system fuel pressure constant. See K jetronic …   Dictionary of automotive terms

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